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47 modern rooms bathed in a color palette of neutral whites and pale grays accented by touches of pinks and pops of black and gold furniture.


The perfect respite for the adventurous epicurean nomad, our bar is perched high above the city of Providence

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    This image shows a large, detailed dragon statue with red scales, wings, and a spiked crest, set against a backdrop of lush greenery.

Dragons & Mythical Creatures

Fridays Through September

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 July 25, 2024

  9:00 AM

Dragons, mermaids, Loch Nesh monster, griffins and unicorns… were they real or imagined? Guests can visit the Dragons & Mythical Creatures exhibit at the Roger Williams Park Zoo and decide for themselves. Visitors to the Zoo will embark on a mythical journey where folklore meets reality as they encounter 60 life-size dragons and other creatures that exist somewhere between science and imagination. They will immerse themselves in the excitement of witnessing these animatronic mythical creatures in action—watching as these beasts move, roar, and even breathe smoke.

Legends of dragons and other creatures are ubiquitous globally, spanning historical and contemporary periods. These mythical creatures serve as symbols, highlighting the shared elements and diverse and distinct expressions within global cultures.

Roger Williams Park
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