47 modern rooms bathed in a color palette of neutral whites and pale grays accented by touches of pinks and pops of black and gold furniture.


The perfect respite for the adventurous epicurean nomad, our bar is perched high above the city of Providence

Luxury Downtown Providence Hotel

Welcome to The Beatrice

We’ve been expecting you. We know it’s been a long time since, well, we’ll let you fill in the blank. Maybe you need a place to rest, a place that feels like a home. Our modern guest experience allows you to settle in with ease, while enveloping you in warmth and sophistication. Whether it’s a place to reconnect and do life or a hideaway (with a heated potty and a Dyson 'dryer)—is up to you. Experience our 47-room, new luxury hotel in the lively historic district of downtown Providence.

Behind The Beatrice

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